Re-defining Ultrasound Workflow

SonoCare is an ultrasound reporting and imaging software, which supports structured reporting for Ultrasound and Endoscopy scans. The system records the state of the patient over a course of time (the patient EMR), pulls the relevant information from the data, and provides a detailed report for several different types of ultrasound scans. Reports and their contents can be completely customized, and basic and advanced query mechanisms are available to retrieve statistical reports (for administrative purposes) or for narrowing in on a list of patients/scans that satisfy specific conditions. Structured Reports are available in a variety of formats, and are configurable (font, layout, content, and text that appears within the reports). The greatest asset for obstetric scans is the ability to track fetal growth, and to predict/specify the gestational age using several different means (biometry tables, last menstrual period – LMP – and from data originating from earlier scans performed elsewhere).

  • Structured Reporting conforming international standard
  • Designed to reduce reporting time.
  • Reduces transcription error
  • Helps to generate PNDT report on fly
  • Consistent report with Flexible customization
  • Personalize Your Module
  • Front Office
  • Patient Information System
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • General Abdomen
  • Vascular
  • Small Parts
  • Fetal Echocardiography
  • Neonatal
  • IUI
  • Invasive Procedure
  • Image Management Solutions
  • Quries & Statistics
  • PNDT
  • Additional Information
    Sonocare consists of two important and useful additions. The first is a complete image processing solution that allows the capture of single frame (still) and multi-frame (cine loops) images from DICOM compatible or non-DICOM capable ultrasound machines. Images can be filtered to improve fidelity (brightness / sharpness / color filters etc), and additional annotations may be added while post processing the image. Multi-frame images can be edited as well, trimming out unwanted sections, or enhancing individual frames for additional clarity. Images and reports can be selectively archived on to CDs for easy transportation. The second extremely useful addition is the ability to directly capture ultrasound measurements from the machine into the SonoCare database. This approach allows speedier processing of patients, since it eliminates the need to write down the measurements first, and then re-entering them on to the computer for reporting. Elimination the double transcription reduces the time a patient spends in the scan room, and very importantly, eliminates errors arising from the transcription steps. Finally, about 2/3 of the scans are normal, which means the patient’s report can be ready very shortly after the patient leaves the scan room. The FAST Solution

    SONOCARE is fast and easy to use. Presents a consistent and easy to use interface – typical new user will be using the product in a few minutes. Customizable to a high level of detail – text detail, report formats and structure, colors, fonts…

    Data entry errors and time lags can be eliminated with direct transfer from the ultrasound machine. Sonocare’s reports are simultaneous & accurate.

    Upgrade SONOCARE easily The new advancements can be incorporated at ease.

    Time saving:
    Image and data capture from the ultrasound machines, defaults and configuration speed up report generation, and therefore patient processing.